Essence of Light

Chakras, Healing & Relationships

The Connection Between Them

Join Spiritual Mediums and Healers Lucy Farias Fenekoldt and Donna Johnson as we take a journey through your chakras, and connecting deeper with your intuition and higher wisdom to bring healing to your relationships.

We will use meditation and exercises to assist you in gaining a deeper insight and adding new tools to your toolbox to unlock healing within your relationships.

This heartwarming workshop is designed to bring awareness to your own learning and healing that impacts those relationships in your life that you may have difficulty understanding, healing, walking away from or even attracting.

From family and friends and even strangers that cross your path, to soul mates, karmic relationships and even twin flames - we will share in the magick of insight, wisdom and healing. 

It all begins with you ❤️

Join us on this insightful journey