The Journey of Your Soul – 
A Workshop of Connecting with Your Essence

Saturday, February 16, 2019

What has been your journey to date? What is meant for you? Do you feel that gentle knocking or tugging from deep within that keeps you feeling a little unsettled and a little unsatisfied?

Are you listening to the whispers of your soul?

Join Spiritual Medium, Lucy Fenekoldt, and Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Artist, Chris Fitting, as they join with you in the journey of connecting deeply with your soul and with those who guide you. They will lead you through peaceful meditations, expansive exercises and soul expression through art, through words and through colours, to reach within your soul’s essence. Allow Chris and Lucy to assist in welcoming the journey into your soul and reconnecting to the beauty within where you unlock your power for strength within adversity, a road to a peaceful state, the trusting of allowing your soul to lead the way, and acknowledging those who guide you.

Essence of Light