In February 2012, I was 41 years old, with a 3 year old and a 10 month old,  my father had just passed away from a long battle with cancer....I didn't even cry,  not when he took his last breath or at his funeral, I was numb. Fast forward to April when my youngest turned 1, we decided to do a family photoshoot to celebrate her one year birthday, when I got the photo's back, I could not believe my eyes, I did not recognize myself.....what have I become?


When first meeting Lucy, I immediately felt a great sense of ease and peacefulness about her, which was very comforting to me at a time of deep trauma. Throughout my reading, she made me feel safe and very loved. It was so clear that she cared so much about me and my spiritual well-being and growth. There were very specific events and situations that she discussed that she absolutely could not have known about prior to my visit. She got to the heart of my heart, and for that I am forever grateful. My reading set me on my path to healing much quicker than I could have ever imagined, given the state I was in when I first walked through her door. Through Lucy, I gained a greater sense of understanding and acceptance of my difficult experience.  Though my journey back to inner peace has just begun, I have so much gratitude for the incredible gift of healing I received.  
With much love, thank you Lucy.


Thank-you so much for my reading yesterday at Shana’s studio, really made my day when i can talk to my family and was overjoyed when you were able to see the love i had for my dog Jimmy and now i know he is always with me.


My reading with Lucy was far beyond anything that I could have ever imagined. She has played a crucial role in my ability to feel closure in regards to a devastating loss of a friend, and the insight she provided was completely accurate and informative. I was able to get in touch with numerous loved ones and friends, with very clear information, that only I would know. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. I left my session feeling a great sense of peace and feeling truly content with my whole experience from start to finish.


Before my reading I was quite anxious and nervous but as soon as I got there Lucy was so kind and sweet made me feel instantly calm! She was very committed to the reading and finding the peace I wanted to receive. She was able to connect with the loved ones I was hoping too and gave me messages I was longing for. The reading made me feel so happy and amazing I felt reconnected with the world again.I would recommend her to anyone.


I went to see Lucy this spring, and I’m so glad I did. She’s such a warm presence and helped me to contact my sister. There were so many things that came to her that were dead on, and I almost couldn’t believe it, but she is the real deal. There also were many things that came up that at the time didn’t connect for me, but of course later on it all came together. The passing of my sister was a shocking, traumatic loss and for the first time I feel healed. I finally, after 15 years, feel ready to tell my story of grief in a way that may help others. Thank you so much Lucy for being apart of my healing.


My daughter and I had the pleasure of meeting with Lucy from a friend who raved about her.
Being the first medium I have ever met with, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. She was able to connect with lost loved ones and she knew personal things that nobody could have known. Losing a parent is devastating, but after seeing Lucy (where many tears were shed) I felt a sense of peace, serenity and closure. Lucy has such a warm presence and kind soul which radiates when you are with her. Thank you Lucy for allowing my heart to start healing and I will definitely come back to see you.


My aunt and I both had the pleasure of meeting with Lucy and received a reading to connect with my mother. It was a beautiful experience which allowed my aunt and I to heal in ways we never thought were possible. The connections that Lucy was able to make were astonishing and peaceful. Lucy's gentle and loving mannerism brought my mother's presence to life once again. I will forever remember this experience as one that has impacted a positive healing process. 


I had a recent reading with Lucy and it was unbelievable, that's the easiest way to sum it up. She told me things that nobody could know, I left the appointment with a lot of peace knowing that things were going to be ok,and I will definitely be back again. Lucy came highly recommended and I will be passing on her info to friends


Within moments of meeting Lucy my heart was touched. After a loss many years ago there was a small part of me that always felt a little empty. The love I was able to bring away from her reading was overwhelming. Her incredible ability to connect with spirit blew me away and created a whole new space of understanding and fulfillment in my life. My husband and I received more from her reading than we had ever expected. I am so grateful to have had her bless our lives.


I met Lucy years ago at a very difficult time in my life. I can't even describe the person I was before I met her and how her healings and readings have transformed me into the person I am today. She is extremely compassionate and gifted and I do not know what I would have done without her. Her readings helped me to not lose hope and continue down an extremely long and difficult path. Today I am strong, confident and so incredibly happy and I know I would not be in that state if it weren't for her. Thank you Lucy for the years of spritiual guidance and friendship.


You are an earth angel. I cannot express how much gratitude I feel to have reconnected with you after so many years. I have grown in so many ways since I started my spiritual journey with you. (I know I have more to experience and learn.) I just wanted to thank you again for listening, guiding and showing me. I know that my life would not be changing the way that it has if it wasn't for you opening up your home and allowing me to learn through you and for listening and helping me with my life. Thank you again. Much Love.


I saw Lucy for a reading and was able to connect with loved ones who had passed on. The information that she brought forward was specific and detailed and gave me a great sense of validation and peace. Lucy challenged me to listen to my inner self and meditate on what I really want. I really appreciate my time with Lucy and would recommend her to anyone.


Lucy is a beautiful soul and an incredibly powerful healer. She cleared an old childhood wound in one healing which transformed my life. I thank Lucy from the bottom of my heart and recommend everyone see her for a reading, healing or both!


When I started seeing Lucy as her client I was full of anger and doubt and did not have the ability to voice my dislike or my desires. Lucy has been very helpful in my healing and letting go. I usually go once every month or two. After only 6 sessions people noticed a change in me and how I have let go of a lot of my pain and have found my voice and stopped being  a people pleaser. Lucy is such a loving soul and puts you at ease. Each session has been better than the one before. She has been my guide back to myself after a nasty divorce and having to rebuild my life and find my voice and being my connection to my Mom who passed away 23 years ago. Lucy's guidance has made me feel that I am not abandoned or alone. I highly recommend Lucy and have sent friends and family to see her and they have all felt the same way.



My experience with Lucy has truly changed my life. To be honest I was not a true believer in the spiritual world, in the sense that people could connect with our loved ones past. A close friend of mine highly recommend her to me, and after my first reading with Lucy she not only made me believe in her gift, but she also connected with loved ones of my husband in a way that was inexplicably & undeniably real. Since that first reading I have had a handful of one on one sessions with Lucy that have healed parts of my soul. I have also participated in her small group spiritual development courses. The group course taught me how to properly meditate and become aware of past traumas my body was holding onto. It has been the most healing, soul reviving, transformative journey of my life to date, all guided by Lucy. If you have the privilege of crossing paths with Lucy it will be a treasured gift. 


I've had readings with mediums in the past.  So i'm familiar with this process and felt prepared when i met Lucy. I listened and observed closely and with an open mind and heart. Lucy received messages and images from my grand mother and mother.  She knew how to explain and convey the images and feelings she was being given. I knew what everything meant.  It was incredible to be in that concoction as it happens. Lucy has a gift. 
I feel blessed that i had an opportunity to meet such a loving and warm person. Thank you for being a light forward on my journey Lucy.


I saw Lucy after having heard about her from some close girlfriends. I was super nervous as this was my first reading with a medium, but was quickly put at ease by Lucy and her kind presence. I have to say that both readings about myself and my loved ones were amazing. I left feeling so much!!! So much goodness and hope and gratitude! It is nice to have certain feelings confirmed!  I connected with my loved ones and that was so wonderful and amazing. I know it was them. Lucy is so accurate. And I am grateful for my personal reading as it shone light to areas I have always struggled with. Lucy I don't think this is the only time I will be seeing you. I am very interested in your classes and learning to meditate! Will be in touch. In the meantime, I know others will get the same feelings of gratitude and satisfaction upon their visit with you!


Very grateful for my first reading with Lucy at this transitional period in my life. I've felt stuck for quite some time regarding my career path and my next step. The universe has shaken me up and send me many signs to direct me but I felt I needed a more clear confirmation to really know. She immediately picked up on questions I had about this crossroad and even reaffirmed a longing desire and feeling to begin my healing practise. Developing my own medium and healing abilities is something I have shied away from because I've never been totally convinced that this is my path, along with social pressures. Lucy beautifully validated that, indeed, I must begin this journey and Spirit will guide me along the way. I feel much more confident about taking the plunge and humbled to begin this work. Thank you Lucy for this wonderful connection!


I am so grateful for Lucy and the spiritual development class I took with her online. This class allowed me to explore my inner child, heal deep wounds, and discover things about myself I did not know. Lucy is so full of love. She challenges you and supports you through every aspect of the course. She offers such beautiful meditations as well. 
My personal readings with Lucy always bring me so much peace and healing. She is able to connect with my loved ones and share their beautiful messages with me. Lucy is amazing.
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Thank you Lucy.  It was an amazing reading and provided so much release for me with issues around my mom and dad as well as it was nice to feel the humorous energy coming from my parents and my brother.  I have missed that.  Any lingering doubt I had .... are gone.  I have worked hard releasing emotions around my mom over the years, but I do believe this was the final layer.  Thank you.


After knowing Lucy for some time as a friend and acquaintance, I came to know her as a healer and a medium through a number of personal traumas I and my family went through. At that time, I was very angry, bitter and closed off. She was able to bring me out of that with her caring and sharing way and eventually, through readings and healings (which were always amazing). That was 8 or 9 years ago. I am a much different person today thanks to Lucy's healing ways and connection to Spirit. So much so, that for the past 3 years, she has been my spiritual development teacher, guiding me through beautiful meditations, and exercises that are building my own connection to Spirit and to myself. Each week, month, year I am amazed at the person I am becoming. I believe the fact that I found you is no accident, but thank you for recognizing me for the person I didn't yet see. xo


My recent reading with Lucy is an experience that I will always treasure.  Lucy is extremely gifted and I was able to connect with many of my loved ones.  One of my siblings had passed over 40 years ago, so for me to be able to connect after so many years gave me an overwhelming feeling of comfort and peace.   After leaving the reading, I felt like I was walking on air and it took me a few days later to “get back down to earth”!  I will cherish the words and the memories of that day, and it only reinforced the incredible bond that I continue to share with my loved ones.  Lucy, thank you for bringing the “light” back into my life!


In April/May you did a reading for my aunt and I that reconnected us both with my mom. I always have the words that you shared with us with me and I've been able to share my experience with many people who have been able to find peace with the passing of mom as well. I think of this experience often and have truly found peace thanks to you. I really can't thank you enough for establishing a new connection with my mom and I that I never thought was possible. Thank you again


I really enjoyed my reading with Lucy. When I met her I could see right away that she is kind, sweet and has a great heart. I felt comfortable with her right away. She was able to connect with my loved ones who had passed in a way that was so comforting to me and she let me know that I was being watched over and protected. Her reading meant a lot to me because it made me feel close to my grandmother again. She even knew I had brought a piece of my grandmother's jewellery with me without me telling her at all! I would definitely recommend her to anyone.


I had the honour of having a reading done by Lucy. It took a few days to set in because she had brought a lot of validation to things happening in life and even people who have passed. My reading was more so a physic reading with some medium reading as well. It was the first reading I've ever had and to be honest, I was very nervous about doing a reading even though I feel very connected spiritually myself. Lucy was very comforting throughout the whole process. My grandpa was able to come through and make me laugh and she was able to validate what he looked like, and what his personality was like. It was such a warm feeling afterwards and I was able to connect the dots for certain things. She knew a very vulnerable part of my life that no one really knew about, and that was the moment things got REAL. I highly recommend Lucy as she is very professional, extremely sweet and knows what she's doing. She's honest and and has truly brought peace into my heart. Thank you Lucy. Your amazing!


I was recommended to Lucy from a friend of a friend, and before this I have never had any kind of experience with a Medium reading before. I was a little hesitant, but also curious, and I am so, so glad I came to see her. Right away Lucy was able to connect with my Dad, who I lost two years ago. It wasn't his time to go, and at the end of his life he lost all ability to talk and communicate, and through Lucy during our session he was able to communicate to me everything he never got to say. It brought me so much closure, peace, and healing. I didn't want our session to end! Lucy, I can't thank you enough for this experience. It beyond exceeded any expectations and I hope that I get to see you again soon.


My mother and I recently had the opportunity to have a reading with Lucy and we both feel extremely blessed and at peace after having the experience! We were hoping that Lucy would be able to connect with the spirit of my brother who we lost 22 years ago. Lucy clearly connected with my brother and was able to relay messages to us that were very accurate, powerful and healing. I have always wished for a chance to have just one more conversation with my brother and through Lucy I was granted just that! It was an experience I will treasure forever! It is also reassuring to know that my brother is still with us, watching over us and aware of how much we miss and love him.  Thank you Lucy for sharing your gift with us and bringing us peace after so many years! We are forever grateful!

Essence of Light


Recently I went for a reading with Lucy. The reading was very detailed; she was able to connect and translate messages to me from my loved ones. Last summer I suffered a devastating loss in my life and Lucy’s reading was very healing for me. The level of accuracy in the reading was remarkable.  I appreciated her kind and gentle approach, she is a compassionate person with a great talent. Thank-you Lucy.


​I met with Lucy recently for a reading. Although I wanted to believe I admit I was a little skeptical. She made me a believer in the first 5 minutes of our session. I was hoping to have a visit from my mum but my dad came forward first. The way she described him and the message she passed along from him was spot on and then she gave me his name!

It was nice to hear from my mum too but the big surprise for me was when she gave me a message from my dog that had passed 2 years ago. I had been missing him more than I realized. Lucy, and her spirit guide, were able to give me peace I hadn’t known I was missing.
I feel very honoured to have been able to have a session with Lucy.
Thank you!​