Essence of Light

That is when I started my journey, I hired a trainer and with a lot of hard work and determination I lost 45 lbs.....this was just the beginning of my transformation, now fast forward a year and I come upon a post that Lucy posted, she wanted to start a spiritual development group, and I was curious, I knew there was a change coming, I could just feel it but I just did not know what that change was going to be.....we exchanged emails  and even though I really wasn't sure what to expect something inside of me said yes I need this, when the day came I almost didn't go....but last minute I went, and that is when it all began, she guided us through a meditation and chakra cleanse, something I have never done in my life, and by the end of it,  the heaviness in my stomach that I have been carrying for years went away! I could not believe it, this heaviness or blockage is something that I had felt my whole life....and in one hour was gone,  I was hooked, I was excited to see what was next, after a few sessions.....I finally cried, my body was going through a cleanse, I think I was the first in the group to actually cry it out.....I had my ups and downs but I started to notice a shift in myself, I felt more balanced, I found that my relationships were better, relationships that were strained were healed, I started noticing that the universe was becoming aligned with my needs and it changed me.  I am not saying it was all roses, because I had so much stuff to clear, but as I started to shed all the crap that we as adults have absorbed in our lifetime, I started to feel my true self coming to the surface, I grew up with the notion of what are people thinking of me (I still struggle with this) but I am getting better and liking the person that I am becoming, as I stand in my truth and show the world the true person I am, I can say that I am a happier person.....I have much more work to do on myself but with Lucy and her guidance I can say that she has helped guide me on a path that has led me to be more happy, more balanced and more in tuned with myself and the world around me, I am connected to spirit and it feels wonderful, and I know that with Lucy guiding me, not only is she helping me heal I am helping others.  
I cannot express into words the gratitude I feel towards Lucy, we have been working together for over 2 years now, she is a wonderful teacher, friend and confidante.  She is caring and has helped me along this journey even out of class, if I have a question or concern she is always there to guide me. Lucy thank you for allowing me to become part of this group that I love so much, we are like family and the support I get from you and the others is amazing!  
With immense gratitude