Spiritual and Soul Guidance SEssions

- 1 hour

If you are feeling as if you are "missing something" or have a sense of being unfulfilled; if you are finding that you are repeating the same life "mistakes" or life patterns; if you are feeling "stuck" and having difficulty moving past something; spiritual and soul guidance can assist in helping you listen to your inner voice to assist you in moving forward. Only then can you fully realize the life you're meant to live and the peace and joy that is within your grasp.



- 1 hour

I am a Reiki Master and an Intuitive Healer. The power of healing directed by Spirit never ceases to amaze me. I allow myself to be completely guided by Spirit in a healing for your highest good.

Balancing mind, body and soul. 



Mediumship and Soul Readings

- Approx 45 minutes

I allow Spirit to fully guide me in the information that is imparted. I endeavour to pass on information and insights that are both beneficial and for your highest calling. A reading offers healing in many aspects whether from grief, discontent or uncertainty; to obtain a sense of peace and an understanding that we never walk alone.

** Currently not accepting bookings for mediumship readings **




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Upcoming Workshops

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Meditation CD

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Spiritual Development Classes

I offer development classes for those who are ready to awaken to their natural gifts and explore them closely - for the beginner to the more advanced. Come explore who you really are and your capabilities in a supportive and safe environment through meditation and practical exercises. We all have the ability within us.

I offer private one to one classes as well as group classes.